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Yamaha Jog CV50 1 seater Scooter, 1,370 km indicated Yamaha Cygnus 125 X 2 seater Scooter, 2,821 km indicated Eurotrike Lil Scoot 3 Wheel Scooter
2014 Enclosed Motorcycle Trailer Tom Cat Wet Bike on trailer Yamaha 1100 Star Road Bike 1999 Model Exercise Bike & Rowing Machine (Pooraka, SA) Motor Bike Ride NOT GOING Entire content(s) of overdue orage including: Ankle weights; Shower Caddy
Yamaha 1100 Star Road Bike 1999 Model

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A scooter or motor scooter is a motorcycle with step-through frame and a platform for the rider's feet. Elements of scooter design have been present in some of the earliest motorcycles, and motorcycles identifiable as scooters have been made from 1914 or earlier. Scooter development continued in Europe and the United States between the World Wars.

The global popularity of scooters dates from the post-World War II introductions of the Vespa and the Lambretta. These scooters were intended to provide low-power personal transportation (engines from 50 to 250 cc or 3.1 to 15.3 cu in). The original layout is still widely used in this application. Maxi-scooters, with engines from 250 to 850 cc (15 to 52 cu in) have been developed for Western markets.

Scooters are popular for personal transport, partly due to being cheap to buy, easy to operate and convenient to park and store. Licensing requirements for scooters are easier and cheaper than for cars in most parts of the world, and insurance is usually cheaper.

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